Free people elopement styled shoot | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Wedding Airbrush Makeup Artist

When the wind blows through the fields and brings in the afternoon showers, you find a free flowing dress and flowers for your hair. 

Kristina with Decorus Photography and I wanted to put together a "wedding" styled shoot for the offbeat, boho, free people style, bride. Not everything needs to be white and formal. 

We took a free people dress,...

some whole foods flowers,...

a guitar,...

a man bun,...

a sweet beard...

an open space.... 

and made magic....

Senior Portrait Season | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Airbrush Makeup Artist

Even though we've been buried in a few feet of snow these last few spring days, it has me thinking of that time when the kids are stir crazy. The windows are open and I can hear them on the playground at the school down the street. The older kids are walking home from school, and the high school kids are on their skateboards talking about summer camps and a much needed break. Its time for the juniors to schedule their senior portrait sessions. 

These past few years in Denver, I have a had some really fun opportunities to work with photographers with various styles for their senior clients. From in studio sessions, to city exploring, to mountain and foothill adventure settings. I can recommend one for each! 

I love when a senior chooses to have their makeup and hair done before their session. Sometimes they might suffer from acne, or just want to have a little glamour day to make the day solely about them. Its such a great stress reliever to have someone else do the work for you. I also throw in some tips and tricks during our glam sesh to help them recreate the look at home. I am also a licensed esthetician, and love giving out some key advice on keeping their skin healthy. 

Here are a few photographers that I love to work with here in Denver. Follow the link over to their site to see which style fits your personality and vibes. 

Tara Polly Photography ... Sabrina Marie Photography ...

Thomas Toth Studio Photography ... Pamela Tabb Photography

denver airbrush makeup artist
denver airbrush makeup artist

PinkBlush Online Boutique Giveaway | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Airbrush Makeup Artist

Life with post pregnancy body is like whoa. Between finding the time to shower, sleep, brush your hair, and keeping another human alive, where does the self love come in? 

pink blush maternity

I try to do something for myself once a month. I have a me day, with a tiny human in tow. But Its still about something that I want. I get my nails polished, a facial, and then do a small bit of trendy online boutique shopping. I'm still not ready to head into my old boutique stores, there would be clothes flying everywhere, and not from a shopping spree. My gals all about the "reorganization" right now.  

pink blush maternity

One of my favorite womens online boutique is PinkBlush Boutique. They have such  cute dresses for women in every style. My favorite, as always, is boho. 

pink blush maternity

Pink Blush also has a maternity clothing and a plus size line too! While I was still pregnant, I just couldn't bare to spend almost $100 on maternity shirts that I figured I'd grow out of in 1 month time. They have such a large variety which is right in my price range. Its always hard to choose.

Head on over to my instagram to enter to win a $50 gift card to PinkBlush! The more gals you tag, the more entries you will receive! 

This top is sold out, but there are many more just like it. Its super light and airy. Next time I'll pair it with some leggings, and in the summer with some sheer tights or bootie socks with wedges.

pink blush maternity

Photography by the ever lovely Baby Rose Photography

A day of exploring Colorado history | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Blogger

My little cutie gets to explore in her father's stomping grounds. My husband is a Colorado native, which is actually quite a hard thing to come by now that Denver is expanding at such a high rate. Pun is totally intended. 

Before Ruby was born, he talked about all the fun things we could do with a kid once we moved here. All the things he remembered doing with his family when they lived here are always a topic on conversation at every gathering. When he talked about places like Tiny Town, Lefthand Canyon, Lakeside, Casa Bonita, the Georgetown Train, and the Littleton Pioneer Village, there was always a glimmer of excitement in his eyes. We've already got a pretty good list of activities planned out for this summer. Our first stop is the Littleton Museum. 

littleton museum

Most of the activities you see us doing in our blog is during Jerod's work hours. So I'm loving these photos that Baby Rose Photography can catch of our sweet gal. I love showing her Dad that same look in her eye that I see in his.

littleton museum

Jerod had his little sister Natalie and all their cousins here to explore what Denver has to offer. We're pretty lucky that we have our little buddy, Keziah's son, to take us on adventures and show us the toddler ropes. 

littleton museum

Having the right photographer for your style and vision is really where its at. There's a depth to Keziah's work that catches moments in Ruby that I know I will forget or miss. She has such a connection with her "client kids". Someone on the outside looking in. Seeing the connection the family has with each other, and the moments we might take for granted. 

littleton museum

I'm super fortunate to have her in my life. I think it's a relationship everyone should have with a photographer. You can have a million photos, but there should always be some really amazing portraits to look back on when your memory is cloudy from all the peanut butter cracker smeers, whiny days, and the midnight lego to the barefoot moments. 

littleton museum
littleton museum
littleton museum