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Remember that new year new you plan you started for yourself last month... Oh yeah, that one... The eat more rabbit food (check out that little kick ass blog here) wash my face every night and work out 5 days a week... plan. Yeah don't worry, I fell right off course there right along with you. Valentines day snuck in with those heart shaped candy boxes then those darling little devil girl scouts came ringing my door bell the next day. Man, can I catch a break? 

A few weeks ago, my sweet Friend keziah and I decides to keep ourselves accountable. We both are stay and home mamas. That also means were stay at home career women. Nap times are getting shorter so the times we can actually work out are few and far between. In came Daily Burn. The first month is free and there is zero commitment except for the one you're making to yourself about your goals. You can choose your level of experience and the time that you can set aside each day for your workout. Enter a few things about yourself and off you go.

The workouts are definitely challenging. But i have found that the instructor's really keep you motivated. The clock counts down so you know how much more you will have to give, which really gives me the light at the end of the tunnel moment while I'm huffing and puffing, all while my cat is staring at me. Judging me. I know cat, 20 more pounds ... I got this. 

Start with a friend or join me!! If you want someone to keep you accountable, shoot me an email... I'll add you to my "did you burn today?" list.. 

The pressure is on for that summer baby swim lesson bikini. Let's help each other!! 

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