Handmade knit cowl neck scarf | Beauty with the Baby | Denver handmade artisan

we've been waiting a whole year to pull this sweet little cowl neck scarf out and sport it around town. A dear friend of mine, Whitney, made this for my little doll face, even with a matching headband.  The color is so vibrant. 

I prayed for a red headed blue eyed baby. So whitney made it with colors to show off her skin tones. All my prayers were answered, and my strawberry blonde baby tromps around the mural at spur coffee shop in littleton warm and cozy in it. 

denver skin care shop small

I'm a huge fan of shopping small. I try to incorporate at least one handmade item in all of ruby's outfits.

Someone told me once, "shopping small means you're sending a kid to dance lessons, and helping families live the American dream."

Even though we can't afford to buy all our food from corner markets, have a closet full of handmade homemade clothes from craft fairs, we still try to do our part in paying for at least one soccer practice.  


Whitney and her family started a beautiful salon in Erie Colorado called Salon Halcyon, this past year. Both her and her mom went to hair school together.

What a cool experience to share.

The salon is full of talented gals working for the same goal. Supporting one another, helping to support their families as well.  

If it's a hair style, or a handmade scarf that you are in the market for, whitney is your gal. She'll listen to what you are looking for, and put thought and love and intention into your creation.  

Scarf by Whitney 

Photography by Baby Rose Photography