Sugar Scrubbing | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Skin Care

When this crazy weather starts giving us a day in the teens, then all the sudden in the 60's, my skin is like.... "um whoa, where is the moisture, lady! GIVE ME THAT OIL!"

With a busy bridal trial season ramping up, I don't always find the time for a facial for myself. But I do actually find the time to shower, weird

A great client of mine brought me some of this happy juice a few years ago. Shes been making it for her friends, and now she sells it online. Primarily used for hands a body, I was like,..
"Well, its totally natural and organic, I'm gonna try this on my face."

Oh boy am I glad I took that chance. 

Its the perfect mixture of sugar, shea butter, avocado oil, apricot oil, vitamin e oil, macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil. The sugar is a little gritty for the face so just be gentle. I give it a good scrub while my shampoo is sitting and let it soak into the skin. Lightly rinse off before getting out of the shower, and I barely need moisturizer.

You see now those generic drug store brands of this shower oil. This is an all natural form, with an exfoliant.

Even better. 

I'm a huge fan of shopping small and local. Heather ships out of Denver. We even sell the scrub at my salon, Blo. She customizes scents as well. 

Give it a try. Your face and body will be singing your praises after the first application!