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Life with post pregnancy body is like whoa. Between finding the time to shower, sleep, brush your hair, and keeping another human alive, where does the self love come in? 

pink blush maternity

I try to do something for myself once a month. I have a me day, with a tiny human in tow. But Its still about something that I want. I get my nails polished, a facial, and then do a small bit of trendy online boutique shopping. I'm still not ready to head into my old boutique stores, there would be clothes flying everywhere, and not from a shopping spree. My gals all about the "reorganization" right now.  

pink blush maternity

One of my favorite womens online boutique is PinkBlush Boutique. They have such  cute dresses for women in every style. My favorite, as always, is boho. 

pink blush maternity

Pink Blush also has a maternity clothing and a plus size line too! While I was still pregnant, I just couldn't bare to spend almost $100 on maternity shirts that I figured I'd grow out of in 1 month time. They have such a large variety which is right in my price range. Its always hard to choose.

Head on over to my instagram to enter to win a $50 gift card to PinkBlush! The more gals you tag, the more entries you will receive! 

This top is sold out, but there are many more just like it. Its super light and airy. Next time I'll pair it with some leggings, and in the summer with some sheer tights or bootie socks with wedges.

pink blush maternity

Photography by the ever lovely Baby Rose Photography

Mommy braid | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Mommy Blogger

Ok Moms... Who of you has time to wash, dry, and style their hair every morning? Those of you lucky to be able to pull off a short bob hair style, yay! But if you're like me, with no guts to just let it go, we have our daily styles. All depending on what wash day you're in. Ha ha, yes, I said wash day. I don't need to wash my hair every day. Really no one should. There are several articles proving that it isn't good for your hair to wash it every day. So I have "wash day styles". Day 1- fresh flat ironed curled under. Day 2- sides pinned back out of my face. Day 3- half up bun with a few pins. Day 4- some type of braid. Day 5- Different braid or mommy bun. 

Let's get real... I'm in a mommy bun by 4pm most days

Like my wing liner series, Ill give you a braid series as well. The first one is my favorite. The Dutch braid.  

denver mommy blogger dutch braid

Part your hair on whichever side you are comfortable with. I always choose a deep part to make the braid a lottle mor dramatic.  

A dutch braid could also be called an inside out braid, pulling the strand under instead of over. still keeping the pulling in of new pieces into each new cross under. 

dutch braid side braid
dutch braid side braid denver blogger

Follow the hair line down and over the back of your ear. This is when I band the braid and prep the rest of your hair to be pulled off to the side and braided in.  

dutch braid side braid denver blogger

Band off the hair at the bottom. With one hand, hold the end of the braid. With the other hand, lightly pull small pieces of each cross under out a bit. It'll make the braid look looser and more relaxed. 

side braid
side braid dutch braid

Sometimes I am not as careful while braiding and will simply take a few bobby pins and smooth down those sharkies. But sometimes the messy parts are the best! 

dutch inside out braid denver

Any hair styles you have been wanting a tutorial on? Leave them in the comments below, and Id love to give them a go for you!!  

Photos by Baby Rose Photography

Little Poppy Co Monthly Giveaway | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Blogger

After I get past the fact that this look my daughter is giving us is like total toddler.... I'm so happy to talk a little more about my Little Poppy Co month subscription bow giveaway!

denver mommy blogger

For one... this monthly bow subscription concept is like genius! My little gal flies through bow so quickly. She plays hard, and shes fast! So before I can even get a chance to check... we've left so many lovely headbands behind. Wahh Wahhh...

Plus, who doesn't love a monthly mailbox surprise! Opening the box to see those little pink plastic mailers is like all the heart eye emojis... 

denver mommy blogger giveaway

Each month, those gals at Little Poppy Co put together a cohesive set of three bows or headbands to send out to their subscribers. A bonus to being an exclusive member is that each month you can order past bows that you may have missed and extra add on bows. 

I know I love it when moms ask me where I get Ruby's things. I love it more when it's a sweet little boutique like find.

little poppy company bows

Head on over to my instagram page and follow Beauty with the Baby. Look for the above photo. There you will find your chance to win a FREE month! 

Winner will be announced Sunday the 28th!

Good Luck BwtB followers!!

little poppy company bows

Burning Daily... Daily Burn | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Mommy Blogger

Remember that new year new you plan you started for yourself last month... Oh yeah, that one... The eat more rabbit food (check out that little kick ass blog here) wash my face every night and work out 5 days a week... plan. Yeah don't worry, I fell right off course there right along with you. Valentines day snuck in with those heart shaped candy boxes then those darling little devil girl scouts came ringing my door bell the next day. Man, can I catch a break? 

A few weeks ago, my sweet Friend keziah and I decides to keep ourselves accountable. We both are stay and home mamas. That also means were stay at home career women. Nap times are getting shorter so the times we can actually work out are few and far between. In came Daily Burn. The first month is free and there is zero commitment except for the one you're making to yourself about your goals. You can choose your level of experience and the time that you can set aside each day for your workout. Enter a few things about yourself and off you go.

The workouts are definitely challenging. But i have found that the instructor's really keep you motivated. The clock counts down so you know how much more you will have to give, which really gives me the light at the end of the tunnel moment while I'm huffing and puffing, all while my cat is staring at me. Judging me. I know cat, 20 more pounds ... I got this. 

Start with a friend or join me!! If you want someone to keep you accountable, shoot me an email... I'll add you to my "did you burn today?" list.. 

The pressure is on for that summer baby swim lesson bikini. Let's help each other!! 

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