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My little cutie gets to explore in her father's stomping grounds. My husband is a Colorado native, which is actually quite a hard thing to come by now that Denver is expanding at such a high rate. Pun is totally intended. 

Before Ruby was born, he talked about all the fun things we could do with a kid once we moved here. All the things he remembered doing with his family when they lived here are always a topic on conversation at every gathering. When he talked about places like Tiny Town, Lefthand Canyon, Lakeside, Casa Bonita, the Georgetown Train, and the Littleton Pioneer Village, there was always a glimmer of excitement in his eyes. We've already got a pretty good list of activities planned out for this summer. Our first stop is the Littleton Museum. 

littleton museum

Most of the activities you see us doing in our blog is during Jerod's work hours. So I'm loving these photos that Baby Rose Photography can catch of our sweet gal. I love showing her Dad that same look in her eye that I see in his.

littleton museum

Jerod had his little sister Natalie and all their cousins here to explore what Denver has to offer. We're pretty lucky that we have our little buddy, Keziah's son, to take us on adventures and show us the toddler ropes. 

littleton museum

Having the right photographer for your style and vision is really where its at. There's a depth to Keziah's work that catches moments in Ruby that I know I will forget or miss. She has such a connection with her "client kids". Someone on the outside looking in. Seeing the connection the family has with each other, and the moments we might take for granted. 

littleton museum

I'm super fortunate to have her in my life. I think it's a relationship everyone should have with a photographer. You can have a million photos, but there should always be some really amazing portraits to look back on when your memory is cloudy from all the peanut butter cracker smeers, whiny days, and the midnight lego to the barefoot moments. 

littleton museum
littleton museum
littleton museum

Feather boho earrings | Beauty with the Baby | Denver airbrush makeup artist

sometimes I like to take a little break from mommying, and painting faces, and create fun wearable art. Since 2010, the feather trend got me like,... all the heart eyes.

handmade feather earrings

I used to make earrings and headbands and sell them at my salon in Omaha. I thought maybe one or two of them would go, but I was making more and more each week. It really set up our account to make our big move out to Colorado. I got to busy setting up camp out here, then the rest of life happened. Including this little sweetie that I've been making so many headbands for before she was even made. 

Now I am back, revisiting my crafty day. One day a week, even just for a few hours at nap time. The craft box is back open, and the feathers are flying.  

handmade feather earrings

If you are interested in checking them out, I'll post them to @beautywiththebaby instagram. You can direct message me there if you see something you like or would like me to make. I'll probably be sticking to earrings in this style for the time being as I work on creating a mommy and me line.  

handmade feather earrings

My fingers are already aching with needle nose plier excitement.   

Location : In-Tea Littleton Colorado

Photography by Baby Rose Photography

Burning Daily... Daily Burn | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Mommy Blogger

Remember that new year new you plan you started for yourself last month... Oh yeah, that one... The eat more rabbit food (check out that little kick ass blog here) wash my face every night and work out 5 days a week... plan. Yeah don't worry, I fell right off course there right along with you. Valentines day snuck in with those heart shaped candy boxes then those darling little devil girl scouts came ringing my door bell the next day. Man, can I catch a break? 

A few weeks ago, my sweet Friend keziah and I decides to keep ourselves accountable. We both are stay and home mamas. That also means were stay at home career women. Nap times are getting shorter so the times we can actually work out are few and far between. In came Daily Burn. The first month is free and there is zero commitment except for the one you're making to yourself about your goals. You can choose your level of experience and the time that you can set aside each day for your workout. Enter a few things about yourself and off you go.

The workouts are definitely challenging. But i have found that the instructor's really keep you motivated. The clock counts down so you know how much more you will have to give, which really gives me the light at the end of the tunnel moment while I'm huffing and puffing, all while my cat is staring at me. Judging me. I know cat, 20 more pounds ... I got this. 

Start with a friend or join me!! If you want someone to keep you accountable, shoot me an email... I'll add you to my "did you burn today?" list.. 

The pressure is on for that summer baby swim lesson bikini. Let's help each other!! 

Photography by

Valentines day cookie date | beauty with the baby | Denver mommy blogger

Because everyone needs a dose of unbelievably heart bursting cuteness. Just in time for Valentines day. 

The big day is full of red and pink things, chocolate, flowers, cinnamon candy hearts, and long dinner waiting lists.

So let's skip the crowded and noisey restaurants. Grab a blanket and some milk and cookies and have a little picnic in the park or even your backyard. 

cookie party for kids

Just try not to steal to many of his cookies... But if you're lucky, he'd rather have the milk anyways. 


All girls love shinny sparkly jewelry. But we also love a good savings account for a beach vacation. I myself love receiving hand written letters, and photos to cherish. This adorable little hearts from Target double as envelopes. 

hand written letter

There's really nothing better that spending the day with your sweetie. Nothing has to be fancy. Just put on your cutest donut print pants, and wear your heart on your sleeve... or front and center. 

cookie theif

If you're having a fancy dinner, in or out... a horse drawn carriage ride through downtown... swimming in a sea of delivered flowers... or swimming in a sea of beer and margs with your besties... just spend it with the ones you love most. 

We'll be spending it with cookie faced kisses, soy milk mustaches, and plenty of baby snuggles. 

Happy Valentines day!

heart shirt for babies


Accessories and donut pants from Target 

Photos by Baby Rose Photography