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Because everyone needs a dose of unbelievably heart bursting cuteness. Just in time for Valentines day. 

The big day is full of red and pink things, chocolate, flowers, cinnamon candy hearts, and long dinner waiting lists.

So let's skip the crowded and noisey restaurants. Grab a blanket and some milk and cookies and have a little picnic in the park or even your backyard. 

cookie party for kids

Just try not to steal to many of his cookies... But if you're lucky, he'd rather have the milk anyways. 


All girls love shinny sparkly jewelry. But we also love a good savings account for a beach vacation. I myself love receiving hand written letters, and photos to cherish. This adorable little hearts from Target double as envelopes. 

hand written letter

There's really nothing better that spending the day with your sweetie. Nothing has to be fancy. Just put on your cutest donut print pants, and wear your heart on your sleeve... or front and center. 

cookie theif

If you're having a fancy dinner, in or out... a horse drawn carriage ride through downtown... swimming in a sea of delivered flowers... or swimming in a sea of beer and margs with your besties... just spend it with the ones you love most. 

We'll be spending it with cookie faced kisses, soy milk mustaches, and plenty of baby snuggles. 

Happy Valentines day!

heart shirt for babies


Accessories and donut pants from Target 

Photos by Baby Rose Photography