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After I get past the fact that this look my daughter is giving us is like total toddler.... I'm so happy to talk a little more about my Little Poppy Co month subscription bow giveaway!

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For one... this monthly bow subscription concept is like genius! My little gal flies through bow so quickly. She plays hard, and shes fast! So before I can even get a chance to check... we've left so many lovely headbands behind. Wahh Wahhh...

Plus, who doesn't love a monthly mailbox surprise! Opening the box to see those little pink plastic mailers is like all the heart eye emojis... 

denver mommy blogger giveaway

Each month, those gals at Little Poppy Co put together a cohesive set of three bows or headbands to send out to their subscribers. A bonus to being an exclusive member is that each month you can order past bows that you may have missed and extra add on bows. 

I know I love it when moms ask me where I get Ruby's things. I love it more when it's a sweet little boutique like find.

little poppy company bows

Head on over to my instagram page and follow Beauty with the Baby. Look for the above photo. There you will find your chance to win a FREE month! 

Winner will be announced Sunday the 28th!

Good Luck BwtB followers!!

little poppy company bows