Scrub Away! | Tip Tuesday | Denver Airbrush Makeup and Skin Care

Makeup not laying quite right? Is your skin feeling dry, flakey and dull? You NEED a great scrub to add into your routine.  It really is as simple as starting 2 days a week!

Dry Skin- This one is super simple! Find a scrub that is a little more oil based and non-abrasive. This one from Mario Bedescu is divine. It has almond and honey extract. Its also 20% off today only!! Perfect for your sensitive skin. You can even make one from a soft sugar and apricot kernel oil. 

Normal or Combo Skin- This one is my absolute favorite! This one from Image Skin Care has a combo of retinol and glycolic acid! Great for those occasional break outs or aging skin! Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing! 

Oily/Acne- This one is a great one for my ever dewy, ever beautifully shiny girls. Please do ot mistake oily skin for acnetic skin. If your pores are large or you have a darker skin type, this scrub that is also from Image Skin Care is for you. You definalty can benifit from the normal to combo skin scrub as well! If you are naturally dry but struggle with breakouts hormonally, please refer to normal and combo skin. 

So, beauties.... SCRUB your way to a great canvas for getting that makeup to stay evenly. Come in to see me, once a month for a good dermaplane or facial! 

Airbrush Makeup, leave it to the Professionals | Beauty with the Baby | Bridal Makeup Denver

Have I mentioned how absolutely excited about wedding season I am? Trials, trails and more trials are coming up this weekend... and the next and the next. Trials are totally a critical part of the planning. You need to see if you are a fit with me and my style. As well as me to you. I only do airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup may not be your thing,... yet. But here's why it should be. 

denver makeup artist

I fully believe and can stand behind its super duper staying qualities. It has a silky finish, but can also be matted down a bit with some translucent powder. Its silicon based making it dewy and fresh looking and feeling. It feels like a second skin. It's virtually waterproof. Tears stand no chance. So please, get emotional at your wedding. Kleenexes are purely for show.

denver bridal makeup

Be bold with your eye shadow choices. 

denver bridal makeup artsit

Be prepared to take a chance to love some full lashes. 

denver bridal makeup artist

Don't be afraid to take it out of your comfort zone. You don't always have to be natural. A bold lip pop or a full set of lash extensions could really make the whole look pop. 

Remember that the camera will take away a lot of the effects of the makeup that you see yourself in the mirror. I will always be much more heavy handed when photos are being taken. But know that I work with photographers on a daily basis, so I see exactly what should be highlighted. Your skin tone, eye shape, and eye color will have a lot to do with your overall look. So let me do all the work.

You just wear that dress, and walk down that aisle. Let me and my team take care of the rest. 

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Sugar Scrubbing | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Skin Care

When this crazy weather starts giving us a day in the teens, then all the sudden in the 60's, my skin is like.... "um whoa, where is the moisture, lady! GIVE ME THAT OIL!"

With a busy bridal trial season ramping up, I don't always find the time for a facial for myself. But I do actually find the time to shower, weird

A great client of mine brought me some of this happy juice a few years ago. Shes been making it for her friends, and now she sells it online. Primarily used for hands a body, I was like,..
"Well, its totally natural and organic, I'm gonna try this on my face."

Oh boy am I glad I took that chance. 

Its the perfect mixture of sugar, shea butter, avocado oil, apricot oil, vitamin e oil, macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil. The sugar is a little gritty for the face so just be gentle. I give it a good scrub while my shampoo is sitting and let it soak into the skin. Lightly rinse off before getting out of the shower, and I barely need moisturizer.

You see now those generic drug store brands of this shower oil. This is an all natural form, with an exfoliant.

Even better. 

I'm a huge fan of shopping small and local. Heather ships out of Denver. We even sell the scrub at my salon, Blo. She customizes scents as well. 

Give it a try. Your face and body will be singing your praises after the first application!