Kelli's Keystone Wedding | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Bridal Airbrush Makeup Artist

Let't take a moment to chat about this amazing bridal party. These girls were so chill, just over all happy to be wherever they could be together. All from one place, but now dispursed over several states and also out of the country. Sisters, friends, sisters from other mamas. Now some of them mamas. They all came together, so beautifully, to help Kelli get hitched. 

denver airbrush makeup artist

Keystone Colorado in the summer is about as close to heaven as I can imagine. Cool in the morning and evening. The sun making all the colors of the wild flowers twinkle. We had so much fun getting these gals all dolled up in a cabin next to the wedding site. It really couldn't have been sweeter. 

denver bridal makeup artist

Kelli and her girls kept their lip simple, but did a full beautiful lash. All very classic and doe eyed. Their hair, done by the talented Eliza Pooler, was all very effortless but still chic. Just perfect for their simple, flowing gray gowns. 

Thank you, Kelli, for having us be a part of your special day. We wish you all the best. 

Photography by Elevate Photography

Fit Girl Bridal Babe | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Bridal Airbrush Makeup Artist

So happy this fit girl bridal babe found me last year. Right in the dead of summer, she was a total breath of fresh air. 

denver bridal airbrush makeup
denver bridal airbrush makeup

Taylor came to me with claims that she is in no way a makeup and hair girly girl. WHAT? I would have never have guessed it from the way this stunner pulled of this wedding look. 

Taylor is a personal trainer. Shes used to living in spandex and comfort. So she was not about to put on a big fluffy wedding gown. The dress she chose was like it was specially made for her. It fit snuggley in all the right places.. Can we take a moment to appreciate the back? Love every minute of this dress. 

We accentuated her big sparkling eyes with some individual cluster lashes, and made her blue green pop with the Naked 3 palate form Urban Decay.

This was the second wedding that I did at Deer Creek Valley Ranch in Bailey Colorado. Its just outside the city, but not such a mess with traffic and tourists. Such a breathtaking backdrop to be married in front of. I LOVE the reception area as well. So intimate. 

deer creek valley ranch bridal makeup

The girls were also kind enough to hang with my mini while I prepped the bride and her mom... I love when people support small businesses with a family vibe. I'm always so appreciative of their understanding.  Baby girl just wants in on the glam squad too. 

airbrush makeup artist with baby
denver bridal airbrush makeup

Thank you so much, Taylor. I loved being  part of your big day. Keep smiling, you super positive and bubbly girl! I love your energy!

Thank you also to Catherine Jeter Photography for the beautiful photos! Please check out her work. She is based in Breckenridge but travels all over for the perfect shot! 

denver bridal airbrush makeup

Highlight like the Pros | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Airbrush Makeup Artist

One really easy step that you can add to your daily makeup routine is a killer highlight. Highlight is meant to make those areas stand out. Giving a bit of an optical illusion. That's why every Hollywood makeup artist is crazy about it. On the red carpet and under all those bright flash bulbs and stage lights you need a little something to keep you standing out in the crowd. In comes the highlight and contour routine. This blog will give you the basics on highlight. Check back next week for contour tips and tricks. 

There's a few different types of highlighting product. Here's a few of my favorites at the moment.  

face highlighting products

Cream- l'oreal this is great for dry skin types, and a more natural finish. It give those areas more glow rather than shimmer.

Powder-Mary Lou Manizer  this can be used on top of all your other product. Use a flat blender brush on top of your cheek bone to give a dewy effect. This defiantly is more sparkly than a cream. 

Stick-High Beam I use this as a highlight in my inner tear duct and sometimes on my cupids bow. This contains a little more shimmery glitter than a cream. 

face highlight guildlines

Follow the guidelines of these photos when applying cream highlight. upside down triangle under the eyes and between the brows. Down the center of your nose to your cupids bow. A triangle on the chin.

face highlight blending

Blend with a fluffy cream foundation brush. It's your choice whether to add it before or after your foundation. Since I use airbrush foundation, I highlight and contour first. 

Find your glow and add it into your routine.  

Photography by Baby Rose Photography

Airbrush Makeup, leave it to the Professionals | Beauty with the Baby | Bridal Makeup Denver

Have I mentioned how absolutely excited about wedding season I am? Trials, trails and more trials are coming up this weekend... and the next and the next. Trials are totally a critical part of the planning. You need to see if you are a fit with me and my style. As well as me to you. I only do airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup may not be your thing,... yet. But here's why it should be. 

denver makeup artist

I fully believe and can stand behind its super duper staying qualities. It has a silky finish, but can also be matted down a bit with some translucent powder. Its silicon based making it dewy and fresh looking and feeling. It feels like a second skin. It's virtually waterproof. Tears stand no chance. So please, get emotional at your wedding. Kleenexes are purely for show.

denver bridal makeup

Be bold with your eye shadow choices. 

denver bridal makeup artsit

Be prepared to take a chance to love some full lashes. 

denver bridal makeup artist

Don't be afraid to take it out of your comfort zone. You don't always have to be natural. A bold lip pop or a full set of lash extensions could really make the whole look pop. 

Remember that the camera will take away a lot of the effects of the makeup that you see yourself in the mirror. I will always be much more heavy handed when photos are being taken. But know that I work with photographers on a daily basis, so I see exactly what should be highlighted. Your skin tone, eye shape, and eye color will have a lot to do with your overall look. So let me do all the work.

You just wear that dress, and walk down that aisle. Let me and my team take care of the rest. 

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