Fit Girl Bridal Babe | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Bridal Airbrush Makeup Artist

So happy this fit girl bridal babe found me last year. Right in the dead of summer, she was a total breath of fresh air. 

denver bridal airbrush makeup
denver bridal airbrush makeup

Taylor came to me with claims that she is in no way a makeup and hair girly girl. WHAT? I would have never have guessed it from the way this stunner pulled of this wedding look. 

Taylor is a personal trainer. Shes used to living in spandex and comfort. So she was not about to put on a big fluffy wedding gown. The dress she chose was like it was specially made for her. It fit snuggley in all the right places.. Can we take a moment to appreciate the back? Love every minute of this dress. 

We accentuated her big sparkling eyes with some individual cluster lashes, and made her blue green pop with the Naked 3 palate form Urban Decay.

This was the second wedding that I did at Deer Creek Valley Ranch in Bailey Colorado. Its just outside the city, but not such a mess with traffic and tourists. Such a breathtaking backdrop to be married in front of. I LOVE the reception area as well. So intimate. 

deer creek valley ranch bridal makeup

The girls were also kind enough to hang with my mini while I prepped the bride and her mom... I love when people support small businesses with a family vibe. I'm always so appreciative of their understanding.  Baby girl just wants in on the glam squad too. 

airbrush makeup artist with baby
denver bridal airbrush makeup

Thank you so much, Taylor. I loved being  part of your big day. Keep smiling, you super positive and bubbly girl! I love your energy!

Thank you also to Catherine Jeter Photography for the beautiful photos! Please check out her work. She is based in Breckenridge but travels all over for the perfect shot! 

denver bridal airbrush makeup