5 minute makeup look | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Airbrush Makeup Artist

I get the request of, "I love the makeup you have on right now, can your do mine just like that?" 

Like A LOT.

Which I do take as a total compliment. So thank you to all those gals that have given me that early morning bit of confidence.

Truth is, this is my 5-minute makeup look. For photoshoots and weddings, I wouldn't recommend it. But for your headed to work with a baby on one hip and a latte half cold in the other hand, totally... lets do this.

It's quick, but keep in mind that it does take a bit of practice to get it down. I've had exactly 385 days to perfect it.

Being a small business beauty industry hustler and a new-ish mommy will really gets you motivated.

So here's a small step by step. Small because really, its just about the products for this one. The higher end, the better, when it comes to short steps. It gives more pigment. More bang for your small, sweet, fleeting seconds of morning time. 

  • Start with a good base- MAC prep + prime Fix+ is a great primer on top of your daily moisture. Then I move onto my Smashbox studio finish hydrating under eye primer.
  • I'm loving the Mirabella CC cream for a medium coverage foundation. It has sunscreen in it as well!
  • Set this all with MAC Prep+Prime translucent finishing power. Its super thin so it won't settle into lines. If you feel like you are dry already, skip this step.
  • Cover FX creamy concealer is my old trusty favorite for dark circles. Theres been many many days of those lately. 
  • MAC has these sweet little paint pots for a shadow base or lid concealer.  Then I don't need as much powder shadow. There are numerous colors. Even in colored shades. 
  • Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 pallate has almost every shade you need for the quick look. I use STARK from lash line to brow bone, COVER with a fluffy brush in the crease and lower lash line,  and UNDONE for my liner.
  • Glo Minerals has the perfect peach liner for my lower water line. This is a game changer for those sleepy eyes.
  • MAC has a great brow pencil. The one shown is an off brand because I lost my MAC "Veluxe" brow liner in Red Head. Pencils are so fast. Then I fluff out my brows with a spooly after to get more of a natural affect. 
  • I always go back to Youngbloods Lengthening Mineral Mascara. For my lashes, i need them to seperate and cover the blonde. Its perfect for all my clients. 
  • Back to cheeks, can we have a moment of silence for my Benefit Hula bronzer. I've had this baby for 2 years, just hit pan and had to rip open the sides of the box to get more. Its matte and really perfect for any skin tone.
  • I need a long lasting blush, and this is it. MAC ambient. It was given to me by my lovely friend Eliza... and no I'm not giving it back. 
  • Last off I do another Fix+ spray, my favorite Image Skin Care lip treatment, and were off! 

I can't believe I made it this far without chasing a baby, but I may have given her a locked up tight blush and a clean brush of her own to play with. But I did have a fat cat plop right down in the middle of it all, per usual.


Remember, its all in the practice and the play.

Always give yourself those 5 extra minutes for a little makeup.

I always feel a little more put together,... and geez when does the full "put together" return in this Mama's brain?

Such a great everyday look for every skin type, every shade, every woman. Embrace the tired eyes, the dry lips, and the fine lines.

We wear our lives on our face, and mine says "this lady has a sweet, lovey, clingy baby girl, a mortgage, and a budding career behind all those crow's feet."

I'll take it, and go gracefully into those early mornings.  

Mess and all. 

Holiday Makeup Class | Airbrush Makeup Artist | Denver

Holiday Makeup Class!

'Tis the office holiday party season!

Wow your coworkers with a look completely surpassing your everyday, sometimes-in-8-a.m.-rush-hour-traffic, makeup application during a makeup class with licensed esthetician and makeup artist, Ally Triolo!

The class will be held at 6 p.m. on Dec. 11 at Blo Salon, 1957 S Broadway, Denver 80210.

Bring your own makeup products, we'll provide the tools (literally) and show you how to create a sexy party/nighttime look.

Enjoy cocktails while you learn how to do the perfect smokey eye and leave with your very own professional brushes!

Once you've perfected your look with the help of Ally, Ray Trout of Under the Garter | Denver Luxury Boudoir, will take your new profile photo so you can show off your new look to friends!

Hurry! This class will sell out FAST!