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My little cutie gets to explore in her father's stomping grounds. My husband is a Colorado native, which is actually quite a hard thing to come by now that Denver is expanding at such a high rate. Pun is totally intended. 

Before Ruby was born, he talked about all the fun things we could do with a kid once we moved here. All the things he remembered doing with his family when they lived here are always a topic on conversation at every gathering. When he talked about places like Tiny Town, Lefthand Canyon, Lakeside, Casa Bonita, the Georgetown Train, and the Littleton Pioneer Village, there was always a glimmer of excitement in his eyes. We've already got a pretty good list of activities planned out for this summer. Our first stop is the Littleton Museum. 

littleton museum

Most of the activities you see us doing in our blog is during Jerod's work hours. So I'm loving these photos that Baby Rose Photography can catch of our sweet gal. I love showing her Dad that same look in her eye that I see in his.

littleton museum

Jerod had his little sister Natalie and all their cousins here to explore what Denver has to offer. We're pretty lucky that we have our little buddy, Keziah's son, to take us on adventures and show us the toddler ropes. 

littleton museum

Having the right photographer for your style and vision is really where its at. There's a depth to Keziah's work that catches moments in Ruby that I know I will forget or miss. She has such a connection with her "client kids". Someone on the outside looking in. Seeing the connection the family has with each other, and the moments we might take for granted. 

littleton museum

I'm super fortunate to have her in my life. I think it's a relationship everyone should have with a photographer. You can have a million photos, but there should always be some really amazing portraits to look back on when your memory is cloudy from all the peanut butter cracker smeers, whiny days, and the midnight lego to the barefoot moments. 

littleton museum
littleton museum
littleton museum

Airbrush Makeup, leave it to the Professionals | Beauty with the Baby | Bridal Makeup Denver

Have I mentioned how absolutely excited about wedding season I am? Trials, trails and more trials are coming up this weekend... and the next and the next. Trials are totally a critical part of the planning. You need to see if you are a fit with me and my style. As well as me to you. I only do airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup may not be your thing,... yet. But here's why it should be. 

denver makeup artist

I fully believe and can stand behind its super duper staying qualities. It has a silky finish, but can also be matted down a bit with some translucent powder. Its silicon based making it dewy and fresh looking and feeling. It feels like a second skin. It's virtually waterproof. Tears stand no chance. So please, get emotional at your wedding. Kleenexes are purely for show.

denver bridal makeup

Be bold with your eye shadow choices. 

denver bridal makeup artsit

Be prepared to take a chance to love some full lashes. 

denver bridal makeup artist

Don't be afraid to take it out of your comfort zone. You don't always have to be natural. A bold lip pop or a full set of lash extensions could really make the whole look pop. 

Remember that the camera will take away a lot of the effects of the makeup that you see yourself in the mirror. I will always be much more heavy handed when photos are being taken. But know that I work with photographers on a daily basis, so I see exactly what should be highlighted. Your skin tone, eye shape, and eye color will have a lot to do with your overall look. So let me do all the work.

You just wear that dress, and walk down that aisle. Let me and my team take care of the rest. 

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