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Today were going to talk more about the power of a great venue and an organized planner. Amanda is an event manager for the Childrens Diabetes Foundation. So she knows how to keep her cool when planning large events. Easier said than done? Just a few simple things can really get your wedding day off to an amazing start. 

Amanda came in with a very well detailed description of what she likes for her makeup look. She had numerous photos of looks she liked and also photos of herself in her every day makeup. This really helped me get an idea of what she liked and how my style could  blend into hers. I  like to let brides know that makeup translates much differently into the lens of a professional camera than to what you see in person. I have been in the industry since 2007. I have worked with many different photographers from the start of a shoot to the end. This has helped me see how deep the color on and around the eye, cheek contour, down to the lip shade. 

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Amanda also had her bridesmaids hair and makeup scheduled down to the minute. We had 2 makeup artist and 2 hair stylists. We also had 8 maids, 2 moms and 1 bride to finish in 3 or so hours. The maids new just when their time was supposed to begin and they were ready to roll! They were out the door and to their scheduled shuttle on time! 

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Plan your own prep schedule or let me help you! I can get in contact with the planner and the hair stylist to get us on the right track for the morning! I pride myself on always being on time and ready to go. You can be assured that you chose the best makeup artist for your personal style by doing just these few little steps. This will not only ease your mind for your wedding day, but your pictures will translate your collected mood!

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Photography by Alison Emrick Photography

Location: Spruce Mountain Ranch

Hair by Riley Fedel


Give me all the redheads | Denver Airbrush Makeup Artist | Wedding Makeup

Hilary has been a sweet friend of mine since she first came into my salon to get her hair done 4 years ago. From lash extensions, lash tints, facials, waxes,... we had a great bond. So leading up to her wedding, I was so honored she chose me to be her makeup artist. 


She chose the amazing Villa Parker as her venue. What an amazing tucked away gem. With its Tuscan vibes and gated setting, its the perfect blend of intimate and grand. 


Then the flowers,.... THE FLOWERS!!!! 


Hilary doesn't need much making over. Her perfect skin tone, HER FRECKLES, and her sparkly eyes are the best canvas. We added mainly shimmery neutrals and a slight wing. The airbrush was the finishing touch. 


Thank you so much Hilary, and may you and Micah have many more years of happiness and joy. 

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Photos - Amber L Photography and Lindsey Boluyt Photography

Flowers - The Olive and Poppy 

Hair - Katelynn Jackson @ Denver Hair Design

Go to Lipstick Shades | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Makeup Artist

If you would have asked me 10 years ago to put on a lipstick... I would simply say, "lipstick makes me look older." Oh man... how I've come to find out is actually just the opposite. Lipstick will only finish out a look. You can't have bare lips, even if it is just gloss. It can also be the starting point of a new look for you. Then build around that. 

It all comes down to picking the right shade and consistency for your skin tone. There is a TON of brands out there. But I will always fall back on MAC for their wide variety of shades and types. They also outlast most of the competition.

 I actually cannot wait to go lipstick shopping for my brides before their wedding day.

I imagine it's what Ruby feels when I leave my kit open and turn my back.

You moms know what I'm talking about. 

I've found a few random compacts on the floor under the bed or in her kitchen set. So it begins.

From left to right... Ruby Woo (matte-no shine) Plumful (luster-high shine) Myth (satin-medium shine) Viva la Glam Lady Gaga (i would suggest looking at Ellie Gouldings collection. Viva La Glam is limited edition, Sorry girls!)

A lot of the time you can layer them, to give a different affect. This is Myth with Plumful on top of it. 


The best way to find what works for you is to go play! Walk right up to that counter, swatch a few on your hand (with clean hands of a brush) and ask one of the assistants there to help you. They usually know exactly what type (matte, satin, ETC) your personality type will want. 

You can also schedule a makeup lesson with me. It includes a detailed list of the products that would be best for your skin and a tutorial on how exactly to apply that makeup in the look that fits you. 1.5 hours with me and you're on your way to flattering shadow tones, and that pesky wing that everyone's been talking about. 

Stay tuned for a more in depth blog about that wing.