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I've been drooling over the idea of baby moccasins since I first found out I was having a girl. That was in June of 2013, so at that point there was really only one option. That option would be a very high priced, even thought the quality is spot on, totally unreachable thing for a Mama with a budget and a small business to run. So I started looking at other options. I even had some leather left over from a jewelry DIY that I ran over the notion of attempting to sew a pair myself. But come on, when have I ever been able to sit in front of my beautiful vintage Singer sewing machine the my parents bought me years and years ago, and actually have the patience to sew something into completion? I'm all about the DIY and crafty biz, but I'm a step skipper. That wouldn't go over to well with tiny little baby shoes. So I started creeping the pages and pages of "the devil in disguise".... etsy. If you've ever stepped one foot onto that sweet little homepage of theirs, that is it... your stuck, hooked, addicted.... hopelessly. Then you are peeking out those mini blinds every 2 hours to see if the mail man has inserted that adorable little mailer that is usually drawn on with some beautiful watercolor, colored pencil, boho goodness drawings, into your mailbox. Don't lie... you've at least checked the tracking number once or twice too soon.  

Well these sweet little dusty rose mocs came for a sweet little toddling girl the day that it began to snow, here in Denver Colorado. I almost cried

As I began putting them up for a warmer day, I saw her fuzzy little fleece socks and stuck them on her little Flintstones feet right away. She of course looked at them, then looked at me, then saw the cat and took off running. No slip sliding around on our hardwood floors. She was off and they were on. 

They are bound on the ankle with an elastic strap so its pretty tough for her to yank them off to eat them. They are thin enough for her to feel the floor under her while the wind is blowing though her ragamuffin hair.

The best part in all of this,... they were TOTALLY in our budget, and totally stretchable until her next size. I foresee us only ordering another pair only because shes run the soles right out of them. 

Don't let that face fool you, shes only just contemplating how to take off this adorable headband. My child is just bound to be a tomboy. Its tied with pantyhose material in the back. Which is like revolutionary for all those large meloned kids like mine. No marks or indentations left behind. 

They go with any outfit, and any mood. Who isn't in the mood for a cute pair of moccasins! 

Moccasins - Cute Chic Boutique    Headband - Maisie Loves Nory 

Photos - Baby Rose Photography