Feather boho earrings | Beauty with the Baby | Denver airbrush makeup artist

sometimes I like to take a little break from mommying, and painting faces, and create fun wearable art. Since 2010, the feather trend got me like,... all the heart eyes.

handmade feather earrings

I used to make earrings and headbands and sell them at my salon in Omaha. I thought maybe one or two of them would go, but I was making more and more each week. It really set up our account to make our big move out to Colorado. I got to busy setting up camp out here, then the rest of life happened. Including this little sweetie that I've been making so many headbands for before she was even made. 

Now I am back, revisiting my crafty day. One day a week, even just for a few hours at nap time. The craft box is back open, and the feathers are flying.  

handmade feather earrings

If you are interested in checking them out, I'll post them to @beautywiththebaby instagram. You can direct message me there if you see something you like or would like me to make. I'll probably be sticking to earrings in this style for the time being as I work on creating a mommy and me line.  

handmade feather earrings

My fingers are already aching with needle nose plier excitement.   

Location : In-Tea Littleton Colorado

Photography by Baby Rose Photography

Easter activities... toddler style | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Airbrush Makeup Artist

Hippity Hoppity! Easter's on it's way!. 

Its Ruby's second Easter, but the first one that she will be able to enjoy a little more of the traditions. She is totally mobile and frankly, all over the place. That might even be an understatement. She really can't sit still for longer than 2 minutes. If that. She still eats crayons and I don't even want to know what she'll do with coloring eggs. But this girl love to roll around her bouncy ball and tear things apart. Put those two together and we made giant Easter eggs decorated by rolling torn pieces of colorful tissue paper and poms on baking sheets. 

Of course, it didn't go totally as planned. But does anything ever with 2 toddlers just over the age of 1? Which I might add are totally obsessed with each other. There might have been a first kiss shared. These two=Hearts Melted

They would rather just carry the eggs while they run around... its okay tho. They were insanely cute playing bunnies. 

Ruby's outfit was sent to me, somewhat anonymously.. I might have ordered those sweet little vintage knit overalls in a baby fog. But if it was one of you that sent them our way, seriously... thank you! Right up our alley. 

Her necklace is a sweet find from LouLou Lollipop Finery. It's made from silicone beads and she's ALL about the chews right now. She points to her neck when I havn't gotten it on her for the day. Don't worry, it's made a with a breakaway clasp.  

Thanks Keziah with Baby Rose Photography, as always for catching these shots of our little hunny bunny. 

Little Poppy Co Monthly Giveaway | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Blogger

After I get past the fact that this look my daughter is giving us is like total toddler.... I'm so happy to talk a little more about my Little Poppy Co month subscription bow giveaway!

denver mommy blogger

For one... this monthly bow subscription concept is like genius! My little gal flies through bow so quickly. She plays hard, and shes fast! So before I can even get a chance to check... we've left so many lovely headbands behind. Wahh Wahhh...

Plus, who doesn't love a monthly mailbox surprise! Opening the box to see those little pink plastic mailers is like all the heart eye emojis... 

denver mommy blogger giveaway

Each month, those gals at Little Poppy Co put together a cohesive set of three bows or headbands to send out to their subscribers. A bonus to being an exclusive member is that each month you can order past bows that you may have missed and extra add on bows. 

I know I love it when moms ask me where I get Ruby's things. I love it more when it's a sweet little boutique like find.

little poppy company bows

Head on over to my instagram page and follow Beauty with the Baby. Look for the above photo. There you will find your chance to win a FREE month! 

Winner will be announced Sunday the 28th!

Good Luck BwtB followers!!

little poppy company bows

Handmade Bonnet | Beauty with the Baby | Handmade Baby Accessories

I'm always looking for practical accessories for Ruby. This girl is definitely rebelling against all things girly. So if I don't just want her in sweatpants and a T-shirt, I've gotta come up with something creative. 

Her 1 year milestone shoot with Baby Rose Photography was dead in the middle of winter. I was dying for some shots in the fresh snow. So we had to bundle our little snow baby up. I was looking for a not so stocking hat, and bonnets are making a come back. Yay!! So to etsy I went. 

handmade bonnet

Almost instantly I came across a shop called Ally and Annie. The name and the goods got my attention. White quilted, Sherpa lined (option or organic Sherpa), leather ties, with this adorable faux fur pom. A little shabby chic, a little vintage, with a modern flare. Sold!!! She got this beauty out to me just in time for her pictures, rush shipped it for me even. You can see some of those amazing photos here

The ties encourage her to keep it on the whole time we're out romping around. The soft insulated fabric keeps her thin hair covered head warm. She's totally styling even if she hasn't gotten out of her sweatpants. 

handmade bonnet

It's a score for mom, and a "thanks mom" later in life for her.  

I can't wait to show you more looks from Ally and Annie. Until then follow her here on instagram or here at her etsy shop.  

handmade bonnet

Bonnet by Ally and Annie

Photography by Baby Rose Photography

We couldn't get the the perfect location that day so we shot in my photographer's backyard. Get creative when planning your family photograph session, or let Baby Rose take care of that for you!