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My love for hydrated skin is on another level. Hydration is the key for keeping your skin looking fresh and youthful. So many people work so hard to get the oil off of their skin. But they really should be finding a way to balance it out.  

Your skin is on overtime to overcompensate for the oil free products you are using. Oil free wash, oil free moisture, and even oil free foundation. When all along, the good, natural oil just keeps our skin healthy.

Its the over compensating oil that gives us breakouts, among other things.  Pollution, dairy, hormonal imbalance, stress, and non clean foods can also do the damage. See an esthetician before a dermatologist. It could be as easy as a rebalance. 

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When clients as me what they should look for in a product, first thing is vitamin c. It does the same thing for your outsides as it does for you insides. Cleans, refreshes and helps build up a defence.

Image skin care put my favorite two things together, vitamin c and hydration. It has enzymes in it too for the perfect match of all your skin care needs. 10 minutes twice a week with this mask. Your cheeks will be rosey, glowing, and perfectly hydrated. Some veteran mask users can leave this mask on like a moisturizer at night time for the ultimate glow the next day. 

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