Easy Valentines date night makeup | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Makeup Artist

Valentines weekend is here!! Hope you all are gearing up for a date night! Either with your special sweetie, a new prospect, or a night out with your gal pals... This is an easy look for you to turn your day makeup look into night. 

date makeup

For this look, I really just did the same look as my 5 minute makeup look from a blog last month. But I added a few new details to amp it up a bit. 

I added the wing to my liner. Maybelleen Gel Liner, as always. But I also used the get liner on my water line on the bottom. This will close up the eye a bit, but it will add a mysteriousness. It will also makey bright eye colors pop. 

I also took a tiny bit of a loose pigment all over the lid. This one is a Lady Bird pigment with a rose gold tone. To be honest, I think this line is out of business. But MAC has so many beutiful pigments that will last you for years,... truely, years. Then of course I added a red lip. This one is LAsplash cosmetics in Poison Apple. Its a matte liquid lip, and it legit stays on all night. Sometimes I'll add a MAC glass over the top to keep my lips from drying out... but the color is fab. 

datenight makeup

Don't mind my poor lip lining, it was a two baby day during shooting. Never leave the house with crooked liner... Or do and blame it on your kids, like me. Totally acceptable. 

date night makeup

So many easy ways to extra sexy up your makeup look... Just stear to the side of darker and deeper. You will always stand out in the crowd. Make the night memorable. 

Photography by Baby Rose Photography