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A request I get a lot for makeup classes is winged liner. The ever allusive wing. 

So I decided to do a little series on that pesky little wing. for the next month, I'll put out a blog with looks tying the wing into each in different ways. 

This one i call the "quicky wing". This morning of our weekly shoots Ruby had decided to run around the house pulling her diaper off on one side. So after catching up with her and wrangling some pants on her cute little rear, I had about 10 minutes to make myself up. Which was totally awesome because this was the day we were shooting two makeup looks that needed to be pretty polished.

We aren't always perfect. That's why my looks, blogs, or grammar rarely are. But that's real life and thats what I want to show you. Imperfect is just perfect, in my book. 

denver makeup artist

I incorporated my 5 minute makeup look from a prior blog, and added a little liquid liner on top. I always use a gel liner applied with a flat angled brush to be my base. Be careful not to get to much product on your brush. Try to clean it off along the sides of the pot to get a more polished line. draw a line from your outer corner of your eye towards the direction of the end of your finished brow. You can go as short or as long as you want. Make a dot on your lash line just to the outside of your iris. Then connect the dots between the inner eye lash line, the dots you made in the center and the far end of your outer eye. Fill that in with the gel. I like to set the gel with a powder. I also sometimes need a little boost of water resistance for my runny eyes, so I'll use a waterproof gel over the top. 

denver makeup artist

Its easy right? Lol... I know but seriously, like always.... practice practice practice. Keep some q tips and makeup remover handy. After you've done all your adjustments, you can run over the skin under and over the wing with your concealer. That will also help your line to look more highlighted. 

Keep an eye out for more step by steps on other styles of wings. But feel free to make up your own!! If you do, leave a comment below on your little tricks! We would all love to learn a new routine. 

Gel Liner by Maybelline

Liquid Liner by Urban Decay

Photos by Baby Rose Photography