Prenatals and Thyroid | Beauty with the Baby| Denver Esthetician

Talking a little bit about my routine maitenence today. I think that I eat pretty healthy most of the times, but I definatly have my binge moments. Lets face it, after I had my daughter there hasn't been many home cooked meals in this house. Something you'll see me working on through out this blog journey we have embarked on. 

Before I got pregnant, of course you start with the prenatals (warning, take these after you eat, you're welcome) and the work outs and the clean eating to prepare your body for that long practically year long battle. I've always had a hard time losing weight. Just could never find what worked for me except daily exercise accompanied with dieting. Having to do both was super lame. 

I met a photographer that I trusted enough to talk about these issues with. Just so happens he's a licensed therapist and naturopath as well. He asked me a ton of questions, some very personal things. Had me come in to his office and did a few scans on me. He read immediately that I was having a thyroid issue. Funny because every doctor was assuring me that I was right on track. But there are different scales when it comes to that issue. I was definitely reading low. So he started me on Standard Processes Thyrophin, a natural supplement for thyroid issues. Within days I was feeling more energetic and more like a human should feel. 

On the very personal side of it all, we had a loss of a pregnancy a few months before I met with him. In the months after that, I wasn't ovulating. I was feeling discouraged to say the least. I started taking the Thytrophin and bam... four weeks later that little stick was screaming PREGNANT. A few precautions, but one BIG bump later... out came Ruby. Happy ish, healthy and all ours. My pregnancy was pretty much a dream. If I was feeling a little sleepy or weak, he'd bump me up a pill and that did it. 

I really owe a lot to him. I still take my thyrophin daily. I do tend to forget some mornings. But it's in my little list of "get on tracks" this year.