Luminous Holiday Skin | Denver Skin Care

Who doesn't want to shine during the holidays?! With the stress of shopping, dieting, and party prepping, or skin is taking a true beating. Let alone the temperature change. Our skin dries out so much in the winter time. This sucks out vital nutrients from our largest organ, the skin! I use Image Skin Care in my treatment room. I have found that in my Colorado clients, we are really lacking in the necessary moisture we need to keep us balanced. They have released TWO holiday kits to keep your skin fresh this season. Both of these kits will conform to any skin type. If you are feeling dull, ruddy, and hyper pigmented from the sun, I would suggest the luminous box collection. It has a few of the products from the Illuma collection that will knock out even the toughest dark marks. You'll see results within just a few applications. 

If your skin is feeling sad, saggy, and tired... try out the Age Later Box. Its got the perfect blend of the vitamin c enhanced line to give your skin that drink of juice that we all crave on those "not so hot" days. 

Each collection gives your our 4 step program. Cleanser, serum, eye cream, and day/night cream. Did I mention that the eye cream, sun screan cream and the leather cosmetic bag is free!! Holy Cow! Thats over a $70 value for FREE!! The brightening eye cream is one of my biggest sellers. It brightens and takes down puffiness. HUGE BONUS!! Let me give you the best part, its only $150!! Such a killer deal!! 

Follow this link to my retail page to order this! Ask me how you can can get it shipped right to you!

Add in one of my signature facial treatments to boost the effects of these products! This photo is after one MINI treatment. Special pricing here