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So there was this one time, okay like way more than one time, that I was awake in the middle of the night feeding my sweet girl in the first few months of her life. Losing clients because of my absence; my absence from the salon, and my absence of brain functionality. I was scrolling through instagram, looking at hashtags like #momlife #mamabird #motherhoodismymuse, and seeing them attached to such beautiful photos of these well rested, fully makeuped, hair curled, brunching, lunching, wining. I'm thinking to myself,... um when will my ability to wash my hair return? I followed their pages, and followed that over to their blogs. They secretly were just like me once. They even made careers out of it! Um, OK! Where do I sign up? When you google the question, how to be a blogger, get ready to read like you were reading your "how to baby" baby books. So much info, sooooo little time. Finally, one day it was like, poof... theres this thing that you do everyday, Ally. You are a facialist, a makeup artist, a make everyone else beautiful job that you are doing... you do it with your child, and you think you do it pretty damn good. LETS BEAUTY BLOG.... WITH YOUR BABY IN TOW. Lets show mommies how you "mommy" and try to be beautiful while doing it. Um, DUH! or "doi" as Ruby would say. 

So its not always gonna be proper grammar. Its not always gonna be fancy Nordies and Whole Foods. Its not always gonna be full makeup, "I woke up like this" photos. But its gonna be me. I hope that you follow me on this journey, criticize me when its needed, and laugh with me when I really eff up. Cause seriously, isn't that what #thatmomlife is all about, tho? 


I need to brush my teeth too, Mama.

Everyday that you're a Mama, is a working out day.

You go to Target almost everyday.... and almost always with wet hair.

2015-12-03 02.35.20 4.jpg

This is the perfect place for blush.

2015-12-03 03.18.29 2.jpg


But I'm helping you pack your kit up, Mama.

Mama has got to bring home some bacon too.

Laundry is always more fun with friends.


and this...

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