Classy Boudoir | Beauty with the Baby | Denver Airbrush Makeup

Boudoir doesn't have to be a take all your clothes off, practice sexy face for weeks prior, full frontal, all out there, experiance. It can, and will be with Under the Garter, a very calm and warm and happy place. Heres why.

Our photographer, Ray, knows his stuff. He with his wife Melissa, have working in tandum to show the women that walk through our door what it feels like to be effortlessly beautiful. Melissa helps you choose the looks that will best suit your desired feel, and even pulls from their accesery trove to accent. Yes, even the shoes! Ray, almost to gentle to notice, will move your poses from one frame to the next, quietly and gracefully. 


For the grand finale, Melissa knows the things that you as a women would probably critic your own body and expression. A little softening here, and some brightening there, and your editing is done. 


Shoot us an email.... lets get a consultation set up! Meet us and see what its all about... until then, go HERE.... and be dazzled.